About Nordic Association of poison centres

NAPC Meeting 2019

Since 1980, poison centres in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have had a yearly meetings. The Nordic Association of Poison Centres (NAPC) was established in 1990, and since 1995, Iceland has been a member of the association, and the Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia since 1997. 

The object of the Association is to:

  • Promote cooperation and exchange of experiences between Poison Centres in the membership countries. 
  • Promote knowledge of the activities of the Poison Centres and the conditions for their activities. 
  • Co-ordinate contact between associating Poison Centres and authorities. 

The Association is an association of the Nordic Poisons Centres. Individually membership does not exist. The Business of the association is conducted by a board consisting of 2 members appointed by each Poisons Centre The President and the Secretary of the association are elected by the members of the board for a period of 3 years. Re-election is possible once. The association is responsible for that a minimum of one joint meeting between the membership countries is arranged every year.